The Code of Ethics of ALL OUT Sealcoat applies to all employees of and partners associated with the company. ALL OUT Sealcoat is committed to holding itself to the upmost standards of business and social practices of the current economic culture. The employees of and partners associated with ALL OUT Sealcoat are expected to act in accordance of the highest possible standards of integrity within the day to day operations while working within the company and with outside clients. The employees of and partners associated with ALL OUT Sealcoat shall always respect and follow the Code of Ethics insuring that they behave legally and ethically to the upmost level of personal integrity and business ethics in the relations with clients of ALL OUT Sealcoat and in all other business transactions.

ALL OUT Sealcoat Owners Kevin McGarvey and Marco Menna have made a promise to their clients and strive to achieve this day in and day out. This promise has been instilled into the culture of ALL OUT Sealcoat so that the current employees and any future employees will live and work by the standards set forth of the original owners.

The ALL OUT Sealcoat Promise to You, the Client:

"We are humbled that you have given us the privilege to provide you with our services. With this opportunity, we PROMISE to always treat your property with as much care as if it were our own. We pledge to all of our customers that we will use the most trusted and environmentally friendly products insuring our high quality workmanship at an affordable price. Ultimately, we will provide you with a First Class Customer Experience from beginning to end."